On March 30, 2019, RCC went on a road trip up north to visit 2 schools. First stop was the City of Bogo Science & Arts Academy. We were there to turn over a laptop and printer, wireless microphone and amplifier, as well as 3 boxes of books destined for their library. These books were donated as part of the “Books Across the Seas” program that RCC is undertaking. The laptop and printer for the school was the prize they won when Ms. Maria Teresa Echavia, a high school student representing this school won first place in the annual RCC Spelling Competition. Unlike previous years, this year’s event was participated by both public and private schools of the region so her achievement was impressive to say the least. It certainly taught us that given the right opportunities and encouragement, even students from the public school sector can shine bright. We received a warm welcome from the school and were serenaded by the school’s impressive string ensemble who played a myriad of tunes ranging from love songs to a medley of The Beatles favorites. President Stephen Chian shared a few words of encouragements to the gathered audience, many of the graduating students who were rehearsing for their graduation rites to be held the following day. Ms. Maria Teresa Echavia was also on hand to share her thoughts and words of inspiration to her fellow classmates. From Bogo, we proceeded to Daan Bantayan, to visit our club’s biggest Global Grant recipient, the Paypay National High School. Having helped rehabilitate the school, we conducted the formal turnover of our WASH project. Whereas for years, students had to bring water for their own use in school, our project allowed them to tap into the main water line from several kilometers away and route them to a series of water tanks perched on a tower entirely funded by our grant. Following a sumptuous lunch, PE Mike Torres gave a brief of the project to the gathered Rotarians, School Principal Archie S. Gallego and Barangay Captain Hon. Rosalie R. Mascada and school teachers. He walked us through the project, how they emerged from a disastrous and deadly typhoon to become an award-winning national high school in the region. We were reminded that in the face of calamity, there is always hope to recover and excel if we all work together. After an audio visual presentation, we took the opportunity to dialogue, to discuss plans and needs to ensure their momentum will continue on for their future. Goals were identified and by God’s grace, we look forward to achieving them in the near future. Our visit was capped off with a simple reunion between Treas. Walter Cang, PE Mike Torres and Teacher Jemar Mondejar with her Grade 12 students who undertook their OJT in their respective offices. Letters of gratitude were presented and read. To everyone’s surprise, a beautiful portrait of the 2, done in charcoal were given. Everyone was in awe of the skill of the artist and the gratitude of these students. Before departing, the group was led on a quick tour of their 3D computer classroom and the aesthetic salon that was introduced and funded through our grant.