The phrase “Feeding the hungry” often evokes images of people who hunger for food. But on this day, RCC working hand in hand with SMART tied the ribbons to a program meant to feed the mind. Led by RCC President Stephen Chian, PP Bing Martinez and Sec. Melchor Alejandro and SMART representatives, the School in a Bag program headed to the hills of the municipality Barili & Ronda for the school in a bag turnover. Because of their remote location, schools like Kandugay Elementary School, Cansalonoy Elementary School, Langin Elementary School have always been in the shadows when it comes to harnessing technology. The School in a Bag program brings technology to them so that they may have teaching materials that are no different from other schools in the city. And just like what happens in most of our turnover ceremonies, Rotarians were overwhelmed by the gratitude and happiness of the recipients. When the mind hungers for knowledge, the joy of having the opportunity to feed, nurture and expand their minds cannot be described. But the smiles in faces of the students and teachers and the endless words of thanksgiving touches us to the very core.