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The Rotary Club of Cebu was founded in 1932 and is the second oldest Rotary club in the Philippines.

Rotary International is the world’s first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto Service Above Self.


On October 8, 1932, the Rotary Club of Cebu (RCC) was organized with 27 charter members.  The sponsoring club was the Rotary Club of Manila, the first Rotary Club in Asia (1919), thru its special representative, E.S. Turner, who arrived in Cebu City on October 8, 1932.  In a subsequent luncheon meeting, the Provisional RCC was organized. On November 28, 1932, the Rotary International officially recognized RCC as a Rotary club with Charter No. 3559. RCC was the 22nd Rotary club organized in Asia and the second oldest club in the Philippines.


Regular weekly meetings were initially held at Casino Español on Colon Street and was later transferred to Club Filipino until WW2 broke out on December 8, 1941.  No meetings were held during the Japanese Occupation.  After the Americans liberated Cebu, a small number of Rotarians got in touch with each other and made plans to revive the Rotary Club of Cebu. After the war officially ended, the “Back to Rotary” movement started immediately. Joined by some Rotarians in the U.S. Army, the first post-war meeting of RCC was held on September 1945.  RCC was readmitted to RI on June 21, 1946 and has continued operations since then. 


Membership in the club enjoyed a steady growth until it reached a record high of 105 active Rotarians during the terms of Silvio Santos and Claro Cinco (1970-1972).  The club currently has 63 members and prides itself in the quality of its members and the excellent fellowship which characterizes its meetings. 


The RCC sponsored the organization of several Rotary clubs in the Visayas.  In addition, the RCC has produced six district governors, including Vicente L. Faelnar, Joaquin Panis, Vicente Lozada, Federico Reyes and Manuel de Veyra. The latest, Edgar Chiongbian, was the DG in RY2013-2014 and was the RY2017-2018 Chairman of the Philippine College of Rotary Governors.


In the past five years, the significant projects include Community Scouts Youth Guidance Center, a home for minor boys in conflict with the law. We have also undertaken Global Grants for the Paypay National High School Rehabilitation, Gift of Life VTTs (3 years running), more than 10 WASH projects, Technical-Vocational program & equipment upgrade for the Juan Pamplona National High School in Tabuelan and the Don Bosco High School in Liloan.  In the last 3 years, we have organized the annual Run for Gift of Life to raise funds and increase community awareness of congenital heart defect.


RCC has also undertaken the Dengue Eradication in the city, began a School Chairs Program that donated chairs to many rural schools who do not have enough chairs for their students.  We were the partners for the Visayas region of “Books across the Seas” and helped with the distribution of textbooks and reading materials to many schools.  We had also collaborated with the country’s largest telco firm, Smart Communication to be their deployment partner in “School in a Bag”, allowing schools in the hinterlands and remote islands to leverage technology and internet connectivity to acquire teaching materials and programs.


In RY 2019-2020, the club members organized 4-day 500 km circumferential ride around the island of Cebu called “Ride to End Polio”.  With stops timed with vaccination event in towns along the way.  RI recognized this event due to the positive effect it generated in terms of getting children vaccinated and increasing public awareness to a simple way to eradicate polio.


Between February 2020 and July 2020, our club has led a multi-pronged program to support the city during the COVID-19 pandemic.  These efforts include:


  • Tapping food manufacturers and NGOs to run a food bank that supported a dozen community kitchens around the city that served over 380,000 meals;
  • Funding the local manufacture of over 6,000 impermeable protective gowns for distribution at different hospital facilities in the city as well as in outlying cities in eastern Visayas and northern Mindanao; and
  • Distribution of much needed disinfecting chemicals to government agencies and health facilities in Cebu.


While current situation with the COVID pandemic has temporarily stopped our weekly luncheon meetings, it has not prevented the club members from meeting online in lieu of our physical meeting.  Club affairs continue to be addressed and all our projects planned at the start of the Rotary year continue to progress. 


RCC continues to be one of the most dynamic clubs in the District.  The media age has gone down and we have seen younger members begin taking the helm with much vigor and older members acting as advisers; sharing their valuable knowledge and experience.  Truly a great combination. 


The club has been consistently recognized for its role and contribution to the District, winning the Club of the Year, and President of the Year awards multiple times over the years.    Our members continue to donate generously to TRF and the RCC consistently leads the District in TRF Donations and Disaster relief drives.  RCC has long led the district with the greatest number of Major Donors (15 currently) and in RY2020-21, three members of the club (one posthumously) were inducted into the Arch Klumph Society, the first AKS members in our District.  Likewise, the RCC was the first club to establish a TRF Endowment Fund in the District. Lastly, the RCC has been very active in Global Grant projects, leading the country with almost 5% of the total approved Philippine global grant budget over the past six years.




Revised 2/2021


Rotary Club of Cebu Highlights
RY 2020-2021 ”Rotary Opens Opportunities”

Some years back, I jokingly reflected that the club’s 88th Anniversary is a good number to become more involved. Soon enough, a groundswell of fellow members opined that I need to serve as your President since if it is such a nice milestone. So, instead of choosing the Centennial year to serve which Shige and I planned, I now find myself about to end my term for 2020-2021. Truly, words should never be spoken in jest in our club.

This era now is what we call the Covid-19 pandemic. The year 2020, which by the way also sounds as a very nice number, is definitely a year we want to forget, and yet will not forget.

To recap, it is a year of lost touch, lost happiness, lost opportunities, lost economies and jobs, even lost friends, and a lot more. Although there is no physical destructions, almost everything else is a little broken or destroyed. I need not summarize the sad feelings most of us have.

As a member of the club in a leadership role, it has allowed me to witness, the humanity in us all, in the midst of this most disastrous of events in our lifetime.

The humanity of our many members has manifested in many, many forms. Our care for the society and fellow citizens has brilliantly shine brightly through.

We have shown our humanity in generosity.  In the countless passing of hats, we were able to fund the manufacturing of PPEs, masks and other much-needed defense against the virus.  We were able to start food kitchens, together with other like-minded NGOs in delivering hot food to the needy. We donated and delivered rice, water, medicines, various foodstuff, coffee and even doughnuts to area where it mattered most.

We have shown our humanity in courage.  Our members were in the forefront in perilous areas on many occasion when the unknown fears of the virus was at its peak.  We met and strategized physically.  We personally packed and distributed relief goods and foodstuff.  Oftentimes, we were exposed to immediate danger while delivering goods to destinations. Luckily, and by the grace of God, all of our exposed members remained free of the virus.

Our members have shown Humanity in Civic Service. The pandemic has not deterred our sense of civic duties. We continued to address ongoing commitments.  We delivered on our water and sanitation projects of far-flung areas, which we had committed.  We continued to help children with congenital heart diseases, in the most difficult situation.  We continued and finished the educational facilities that we were involved with.  And the Community Scouts Youth and Guidance Center has receive a new lease of life and mission, largely due to the diligent and unwavering support of our very committed members.

Of course, not all of these can happen without the support of others.  As they say, along the way to success, there are many who aided us in our paths and journeys. The generosity of our many members are well known. The sharing of time, resources and treasures of our partner clubs, domestic and international NGOs cannot be over emphasized. And most importantly, the patience and support of our spouses, life partners and children, give us the stamina and energy to carry our cause and goals.

The glue that binds our club and members has always been fellowship. It build our trusts and dependability on each other in all the things that we do. It is this bond, which we have built through the years that bound and anchored our vocations.  Our time, thoughts and actions, are united because of this fellowship. In this era of the Covid, the occasion for physical contacts has been sparse and fraught with fear. And yet, we persisted.  And we have come to realize how precious and memorable those times were. These bonding moments, have indeed brought boundless deposits of goodwill. It is no wonder we have an easy time executing projects, time and time again.  As the words of our charging goes, no one has brought into rotary more than what can he get out of it.

At this point, I can safely say. The club remains strong and able to serve the community. Our service above self moments are numerous and extraordinary, considering the circumstances. All our club members I am sure have some excess time, excess treasures and excess resources at their call. But to volunteer when needed, to serve when called, and to donate in big numbers when big numbers are needed, is what makes this club awesome.

As president of this club, indeed I stand on the shoulders of the giant past, who have nurtured the culture of common purpose and camaraderie. I thank each and every past leader, for the ingredients of success that this club achieved.

RY 2019 - 2020 ”Rotary Connects the World”

Any president would be proud to lead this club.


We are the 2nd oldest club in the Philippines since 1932 – tuning 88 years.

Rotary Club of Cebu is a giving Club:

Total TRF (The Rotary Foundation) contribution year 2019-2020 – US $408,000.00

Aside from the three AKS (Arch Klumph Society) members that the club has produced

  • 100 percent EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year)
  • 100 percent Paul Harris sustaining Club
  • Highest Polio contribution in the District.

One very important thing. This is not about money, this is about attitude, this is about culture of the Club and its members who care about the community, the needy and cares about the rest of the world…and why do I say this…

The Club has not only contributed to TRF but worked on …

  • Multiple Global Grant Projects amounting to US $600k plus that covers Rotary’s Seven Areas of Focus.
  • Gift of life – about 600 children diagnostics and surgical operations were accorded a second lease in life
  • Multiple Technical-Vocational Projects for Public Schools in the Provinces of Cebu

And many more.

The members of the Rotary Club of Cebu are no strangers to fast and decisive crisis response.  When the Covid-19 pandemic caused the Cebu City Mayor to issue the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) on March 2020, the club rallied its members and cajoled friends into donating time, treasure and talent to the Covid-19 alleviation effort.  Two enemies were declared: hunger and the virus.  Like many urban cities, slum areas housed the poorest of our fellowmen and are hot zones for infection, so these slum areas, most hit by the twin enemies, became major beneficiaries.

The club’s efforts against the virus are equally, if not more intense. The club ordered 5,000 locally fabricated PPE gowns, of which 3,000 have been distributed all over RD3860 as well as to Manila.  The other materials donated by the club and its friends included some dozens of gallons of alcohol, countless surgical masks, hundreds of face shields, ten sanitation tents for patient intake areas of hospitals, ten decontamination shower tents for LGU hotspot entrances/exits, scaffolding for designated quarantine centers, ventilation fans and evaporative coolers.  In addition to these donated materials, our members have been in the forefront of personally assembling and delivering most of the donated items.

So, with deep concern for our fellowmen, club leaders organized the Cebu Food Bank (CFB) and started its first community soup kitchen partnership on April 4 serving 600 meals.  Within 4 weeks of operation, the CFB has partnered with 9 more community soup kitchen operators, from private member clubs to concerned restaurateurs, to subdivision housewives.  Since May 1, these 10 community soup kitchens have been preparing more than 11,000 meals per day, all given to hard hit slum communities.  All told, over 380,000 meals have been served by June 7.

The Covid response initiatives together with Foodbank continues to be supported by RC Cebu members and friends, and as of June 2020 it has received more than Php7m in cash and in-kind donations.  

The pandemic cannot lockdown our hearts…

As we show concerns for own family, our neighbors, the frontlines.

These Rotarians from the Rotary club of Cebu have the empathy…

Your heroism must be an example for all, and a source of inspiration,

who, by your courage save lives. You showed by example, what is impossible to do in these types of dramatic situations. In a moment of crisis, I would like people to understand that you have to do something….  Yes, WE have to do something.

Being united can best overcome challenges.

Let us keep in mind our motto, so that it can be said of each one of us that we believe in “Service Above Self”. Even though it may also be true that “One Profits Most Who Serves Best”, particularly where profit has a broader meaning than merely short-term financial profit or gain.

Being the President of this club is quite a fulfilling experience. The time and effort spent in service to others, one thought has crossed my mind.  The Officers and the members of the Rotary Club of Cebu rose to the occasion because they have the WILL, the MIND and the HEART for our suffering fellowmen.

AND I am proud of you!

It’s a real honor to be a Rotarian and a member of the Rotary Club of Cebu.

To God be the Glory!

Let’s all give our full support to our incoming 88th President Edward Gaisano and help him achieve this year’s audacious goals!

RY 2018 - 2019 ”Be the Inspiration”

It seems like yesterday when I was standing in front of everyone while I gave my acceptance speech. During that speech, I asked for everyone’s help for this one year of service to Rotary because I cannot do it on my own and really felt the heavy weight and challenge at hand.

Now one year later, I would like to give thanks to everyone from the sister clubs, brother clubs, District 3860 officers, partner organizations and most specially to my Board of Directors, Officers and the members of the Rotary Club of Cebu.

It truly is an honor to have served as president in this very prestigious club. It is an honor to have the support of all of the members. Our members had really stepped up this year and gave their all to Humanity. With over 100 children with congenital heart defect operated on, close to 30 School in a Bag kits turned over all throughout the islands of Cebu, 42 Eye operations, school chairs donated, a WASH project for a school in Daan Bantayan, Foreign trips to Korea, Japan and Germany and the highest contributor to the Rotary Foundation in District 3860. Awarded with 22 Certificates of Recognition, Awards and Certificates of Accomplishment, being the Most Outstanding Global Grant awardee, Most Outstanding President and Most Outstanding Club of District 3860. Oh and most importantly AWESOME Fellowship activities with more than a hundred bottles of wine consumed!

Our members really did fulfill the Theme for Rotary Year 2018-2019. Be the Inspiration. Everyone was very inspirational in their own way and I am forever grateful to everyone for giving me this very wonderful, inspiring, fulfilling and life-changing Rotary year. Once again to the MOST OUTSTANDING ROTARY CLUB OF DISTRICT 3860, I would like to Congratulate you for a very successful year and THANK YOU.

To district 3860 officers, Sister clubs, Global Grant Partner clubs, Brother clubs and Partner organizations, my heartfelt gratitude to all of you.

We look forward to helping Incoming President Michael Torres to make his year an even more successful one!

RY 2017 - 2018 ”Making a Difference”
This Valedictory address was delivered by then RCC President Bing Martinez during the turnover of responsibilities in July 2018.  It clearly encapsulates the successful RCC year under his term – Editor

Incoming President Stephen Chian, the new District officers, Club presidents, and club officers, visiting Rotarians from Pohang, South Korea, from Tawau, Malaysia, visiting rotarians from our brother clubs in Makati and Rizal West, fellow members and spouses, fellow Rotarians, our Cebu Rotaractors, and guests.

Good evening to one and all,

I am glad to report another successful year. Our club met and exceeded the three RI Presidential citation goals: a larger and stronger club with engaged many members, an active if intimidating fund-raising effort matched by meaningful humanitarian projects, and increased the public awareness of things Rotary.

During the last year, we grew the club from 58 to 65 members. We booked the highest TRF contribution in the District and matched it with an even larger grants program. Last year, we added three global grants and one district grant. All told, we had slightly over $700,000 of grants under active management last year, a number that will only grow to over $1.0MM this new Rotary Year. And, we increased the local population’s awareness of Rotary through our Run for GOL, our many humanitarian projects, and our active social media accounts.

Someone once said that success is not measured by the amount of money one makes. Rather, it is measured by the difference one makes in the lives of other people. I only need to think about the 34 kids whose little hearts were repaired last June to know how much of a real and lasting difference we have collectively made in their lives. Or the improved educational facilities in 20 public schools around Cebu that benefit almost 6,000 students. Or the fellowships we shared with each other and with the 12 brother and sister Rotary clubs locally and around the world.

The credit for the club’s success this past year is due to the club’s team effort. We have a list of dedicated club members too long to enumerate plus the Board’s active governance to thank and recognize. And I salute you all for your individual and collective efforts.

Thank you for all your tremendous service and leadership. You have made a difference in the lives of literally thousands of Cebuanos!

In closing, I can report that the state of the club is very strong, its leadership bench is deep and very committed, and the club’s future is in very good hands indeed.

Thank you and good evening.

RY 2016 - 2017 ”Rotary Serving Humanity”
As we remember the fundamental tenet of service that sets apart our club above the rest, we stood our ground against every roadblock that seemed to prevent us from realizing various challenges into concrete and tangible activities and programs.

We stayed on track with the goals we set out to accomplish at the beginning of my term and made sure that the objectives were aligned with Rotary’s six areas of focus. We are happy to note that we have been successful in implementing the projects and activities that we identified for each area of focus. Adding value to our efforts in serving humanity are the various awards we received like the Presidential Citation award, the Outstanding Club of the District award, District Service award, the Star Leader award and the Most Outstanding Club
Bulletin award, among others.

All of these are more than what one man, acting alone, could ever accomplish. Nonetheless, | am convinced that we, working collectively and synergistically, with passion for selfless service and a determination to succeed, shall surpass even our lottiest aspirations and grandest dreams.

RY 2015 - 2016 ”Be a Gift to the World”
This Valedictory address was delivered by then RCC President Bernard Vonn Sia when he exited in July 2016.  It most beautifully describes the RCC year under his term – Editor

Rotary Club of Cebu

Valedictory Address 2016

What a year right fellow rotarians?!

One year to be a gift to the world, to be a gift to humanity. It was a tall order indeed, we helped where we could and up to the last day of this Rotary year. The first few weeks were really difficult as I started to build momentum. The weekly meetings, president’s message, sending message to the mobile phones of members and reaching out to those who don’t. These are a few of the weekly tasks. Not to mention organizing our activities when we needed to ensure attendance, prepare the venue and arrange for logistics. It was a monumental task. I even remember PP Robin telling me, “daghana pud nimog activities karong tuiga” – John, would you mind translating please?

How did I do it? Let me tell you a little secret: I didn’t! The whole club did! And from the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every club member and support group for making my job as your president a lot easier. I am nothing without you. Each call received, each reply, each attendance, each volunteer work to do service to humanity – that is how it has lightened my load. The pro-activeness of this group is infectious. How the members reach out and ask “What can I do to help?” or “I have a project proposal,” just moved the club to do more.

And the look of hope and gratitude you see when we are out there sending our books, giving out chairs, assessing children for possible heart operation is priceless. I can narrate to you all night how I get very affected seeing the plight especially of children on the streets and I will still not be able to paint the picture I have on my mind. But, though we cannot do everything for everyone, at one point we have done something for some one.

But, to all possible presidents out there, let me encourage you to try it out, give at least a year to lead the Rotary Club of Cebu or your respective clubs, I guarantee you it will be a personal and professional life changing experience. I did the math, do not be afraid of the time commitment, it calls for a little bit more time but very doable if you just know how to space it out.

Service to rotary though does not end when you have 2 P’s preceding your name for after the presidency your real involvement in the club takes form. I can name at least 5 past presidents of our club who have ‘settled in’ to a specific area of service, continued to support that service without need for publicity or fanfare. Up until our last breath, Rotary and our ideals of service should be there. After all, Charity should be part and parcel of our day to day lives apart family, work and spirituality.

Personally, my rotary experience started 30 years earlier than when PP Ricky Dakay invited me to join this club 15 years ago. He was my first rotary role model, business model, family man model, by circumstance, not by choice… He was the first rotarian I saw in my life with so much dedication and zeal to help humanity. He was the key to opening my eyes to service above self, timely that when he was president, the Rotary Theme was “You Are The Key.” Fellow rotarians, please allow me to present this recognition to PP Bonnie Sia, my dad and my boss – thank you for being patient this year especially during board meetings where I would arrive an hour late 🙂


Being the first Rotarian role model and my first experience of a rotarian president

This year we went international by the way. The Philippines and Rotary Club of Cebu was represented at the biggest End Polio fund raiser in Tucson, Arizona. 100 miles of exploring Tucson on a bike, and a new friendship across the seas was formed. Ride to End Polio received from the Philippines in direct pledges worth 1 Million Pesos, about half coming from the district, the other half from our members here in Rotary and some non-rotarian friends as well. This was matched 2:1 by the Bill Gates foundation thus increasing our contribution to 3 Million Pesos. Polio took a big blow that time, and it was all because of the efforts of the contributors. I’ve thanked our members, but would also like to thank and recognize Governor Buddy Estudillo for supporting this cause under his leadership of the district. Salamat for believing in the cause. What a perfect way to give back to the world since Rotary and UNICEF’s first efforts at eradicating polio in 1979 was here in the Philippines.


Invaluable Support to the Rotary Club of Cebu during the Ride to End Polio last November 2015

We continue to fight this deadly but very treatable disease this year as we formed Tri To End Polio this August 7, 2016 at the Ironman Asia Pacific Championship held in Shangri-la Mactan.

This year, membership attained a net 15% increase and not only did our numbers on paper increase, our numbers in attendance in activities and fellowship also increased. The new members we admitted further diversified our membership base. We even have this Viber chatroom that we recently opened which further united this already strong club into what it is now. Very timely that our membership and fellowship was chaired by one person, with this I would like to Recognize:


  • Top 10 Contributor to The Rotary Foundation RY15-16
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Membership Chair RY15-16
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Fellowship Chair RY15-16

Everyone helped, and gave over and above what is expected, but please allow me to recognize these 3 Baby Rotarians who have raised the bar in being a Rookie, Edward Tanting, Jacob Ong, Melchor Alejandro, Thank You! Your zeal to serve and hit the ground running made us all want to play catch up, presenting:


  • Baby Rotarian of the Year
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Gift of Life Chair RY15-16
  • Invaluable Assistance during calamity relief efforts

He personally visited a GOLI patient to assess the viability of an operation


  • Baby Rotarian of the Year
  • Spearheaded the Tapul Elementary School Chairs & WASH Program

He traversed a mountain and climbing 4Km to inspect a possible water source for Tapul School


  • Baby Rotarian of the Year
  • Invaluable Support to the Kindle eBooks Program with Lihuk Panaghiusa

Without reminder, he would occasionally review the eReaders that were given to Lihuk and update them as needed.

This year, we got creative in organizing club activities. Aside from the traditional golf and dinner fellowships, we’ve had a lot of unique fellowships. Out of town trips became an excuse for fellowship, don’t worry, we were all good boys out of town. DISCON, DISTAS, Singapore, Korea – we squeezed in as much fellowship as we could as a group, without considering our age differences or personal preferences. We even conducted a membership orientation at the premier Mercedes Benz Showroom of Global stars. I could attribute this to the innovative minds of our members, and at this stage, I would like to recognize a very good friend in and out of rotary, a very shy rotarian who prefers to shun the limelight but the limelight he could not avoid – that he opened 2 new showrooms and made 2 very eloquent speeches. A presidentiable no doubt, Thank you for being very supportive, please help me recognize the efforts of:


  • Top 10 Contributor to The Rotary Foundation RY15-16
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as New Generations Chair RY15-16
  • Invaluable Support to the club through hosting of various fellowship events

We are not all fellowships though. This year unfortunately we’ve had two calamities in our region, and a handful of challenges. Some of us rotarians spent our Christmas packing relief goods for the Samar Typhoon victims, During the Guizo fire we were able to organize ourselves in 2 hours and conduct an emergency meeting that was so well attended, it could be mistaken as a regular luncheon meeting. Shelter Box assisted and gave out stoves but I would like to recognize these gentlemen that have made coordination of these efforts smoother:


  • Top 10 Contributor to The Rotary Foundation RY15-16


  • Top 10 Contributor to The Rotary Foundation RY15-16
  • Paul Harris Society Member RY15-16
  • TRF Major Donor Level 1


  • Top 10 Contributor to The Rotary Foundation RY15-16

Quietly and under the radar, they extend their helping hand, ensuring that his right hand did not know what his left hand was doing. If it was one person though that I would like to honor for being so discreet in his ways it was this rotarian who is an inspiration. He started his business empire at 40 years old and true to his ways of rolling up his sleeves and getting his feet dirty his business is as successful as how he had orchestrated the myriad of projects that he has himself involved in rotary. Take a bow our very humble rotarian


  • Top 10 Contributor to The Rotary Foundation RY15-16
  • Paul Harris Society Member RY15-16
  • TRF Major Donor Level 1
  • Invaluable Assistance and Contribution to the School Chairs Program
  • Spearheading Various Relief Efforts for Calamities like the Samar typhoon & Guizo Fire victims
  • InValuable contribution to the Dengue Eradication Program, Water Filtration, Gift Of Life,

This year is a banner year for us. First Global Grant execution that was proposed last year and realized this year. The PayPay National School Rehabilitation will definitely go into the Rotary Cebu archives. For those who don’t know, this project is located in Daan Bantayan, 120 Kilometers north of Cebu. A global grant that involves building retrofitting, equipment supply and instructor’s training. This project will impact the lives of northern Cebuanos on a long term basis, giving them livelihood and not just a dole out. This project teaches them how to fish and not only to be given fish. A 3 hour drive that not everyone wants to make on a regular basis. I would like to recognize another very down to earth member who’s name is synonymous to huge and global design projects in the Philippines. Fellow Rotarians, help me thank:


Commitment in the realisation of our first Global Grant – Paypay National School

PayPay’s Global grant would not have been as smooth if this were not ably compiled, communicated and filled up with such detail and enthusiasm. This rotarian also showed his ability to organize when the BATS (Books Across the Seas) Program was in place where he managed to allocate and distribute more than 10,000 books to more than 10 schools. He also managed to show his muscles when he would singlehandedly load these books. This would negate any thoughts that he is a senior citizen. Having a good grasp of everything you throw his way, I learned more from him this year. Fellow Rotarians, In my opinion, OUR MOST OUTSTANDING SECRETARY of the YEAR:


  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Secretary RY15-16
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Club Administration
  • Commitment in the realisation of our first Global Grant – Paypay National School
  • Commitment in the realisation of our BATS (Books Across The Sea) Project
  • Assistance in the School Chairs Project

A District Grant that was proposed and approved this year stemmed from a thought of this single rotarian. He floated the idea during a board meeting of donating school chairs to a school in Liloan, schedule a delivery and turnover. Without second thoughts, PP Joe Soberano pledged for the school chairs for our PayPay project and the club approved and made this project grow so big that we were able to send more than 1,000 chairs to approximately 12 schools. As we speak, there are about 350 armchairs being made for a National High School in Naga.

To date, we have made this a sustaining program working together with Department of Education in identifying the schools that needs most these chairs. Supervising production together with Rtn. Bobong, he manages to juggle this and being a very efficient treasurer of the club, so efficient that he was able to bring down receivables by as much as 90% and would foot the bill when the club needed immediate funds to do so (I would like to assure his spouse that we’re all funds have been paid for already). I would like to recognize, none other than Mr. CHAIRman (literally & figuratively):


  • Top 10 Contributor to The Rotary Foundation RY15-16
  • Paul Harris Society Member RY15-16
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Treasuer RY15-16
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Fellowship Golf Chairman RY15-16
  • Mr. CHAIRMAN – Responsible for conceptualizing the School Chairs Program

The longest running project our club has is the Community Scouts Youth Guidance Center. It started over 30 years ago with a japanese sister club. The center was where the new robinsons galleria is now. We moved the facilities then where a 3 storey building now stands we call the Community Scouts Center. This is also where our club is holding office to ensure the smooth operations of the center.

We started the rotary year with the baptism of the unbaptized children where myself and PP Rene Kintanar stood as god parents to represent our club. It had been smooth sailing for this program until last year when we received word that some kids were physically abused. They filed a petition and to make a long story short, the club and its members rallied behind the children in their defense. Never have I seen so much care and compassion from captains of their industry for children that are not even related to them.

I want to thank PP Joe Gapas, Sec Bing Martinez and Rtn Edward Tanting for being bold enough to represent the club in a petition filed in court for a restraining order for the alleged abuser. I want to thank all the rotarians that did not wait to be told twice when they heard the kids did not have anything to consume and readily gave what they could give. There is one other rotarian that has been supporting the Community Scouts in the field of music and arts quietly, and I would like to give recognition to Past President Rene Kintanar. Do not let his height and frail looks fool you, this is one rotarian with a huge heart that roars compassion especially for the children of CSYGC. A fitting grandfather of these 40 children!

Not only that, PP Rene Kintanar has tirelessly monitored the Rotary Cebu Foundation ensuring the sustenance and survival of our foundation, making sure that our funds are well kept and wisely invested.

Tito Rene, please take a bow:


  • Top 10 Contributor to The Rotary Foundation RY15-16
  • Paul Harris Society Member RY15-16
  • TRF Major Donor Level 1
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Classification Chair RY15-16
  • Dedication & Service to the the Rotary Club of Cebu Foundation
  • Dedication & Service to the Community Scouts Youth and Guidance Center

The construction of the said community scouts was funded through our Rotary Cebu Foundation and ably chaired by a gentleman that is a pillar in the construction industry. He has personally overseen the construction of the center and tirelessly reviewed each and every scope of work. He continues to support the club in any way he can by offering time, talent and resources. His home’s doors are always open to celebrate fellowship and his equipments at the disposal of the club should it be needed. Wonderfully Mean as what someone described him, like a strict but loving elder brother, Past President Ricky Dakay, my mentor in RC Cebu, please allow us to recognize your selfless efforts:


  • Top 5 All Time Giving to The Rotary Foundation
  • Top 10 Contributor to The Rotary Foundation RY15-16
  • Paul Harris Society Member RY15-16
  • TRF Major Donor Level 2 attained RY15-16
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Adviser to the Board of Directors RY15-16
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Foundation Chair RY15-16
  • Invaluable assistance to the School Chairs Program
  • Dedication & Service to the Community Scouts Youth Guidance Center

This year, there was one challenge that we took to heart, the District Governor’s challenge of reaching our TRF goal. And reach it we did and further surpassed it. To date, this year’s TRF contributions are the highest in our club’s recorded history! Aside from the fact that we have PP Ricky as our TRF chair, 100% of our members gave this year in the amount they deemed they could give. We gave even if it hurt, and then gave some more.

It was also a choice the club made 5 years ago when instead of pouring our contributions within for our own projects, we would contribute it to the TRF since we know that we make will impact humanity in a much bigger scale through rotary international. We also saw the benefit of being able to use Global Grants and District Grants. So far, half of our contributions came back and benefitted the projects we undertook this year. Please allow me to honor our top contributors All Time Giving:


  • Top 5 All Time Giving to The Rotary Foundation
  • Paul Harris Society Member RY15-16
  • TRF Major Donor Level 1
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Adviser to the Board of Directors RY15-16
  • Invaluable Support to the PayPay National School Chairs Program
  • I would say being secretary during his presidency was the perfect training ground to presidency


  • Top 5 All Time Giving to The Rotary Foundation
  • Paul Harris Society Member Ry15-16
  • TRF Major Donor Level 1
  • Invaluable assistance during the relief efforts for the Guizo Fire victims


  • Top 5 All Time Giving to The Rotary Foundation
  • Top 10 Contributor to The Rotary Foundation RY15-16
  • Paul Harris Society Member RY15-16
  • TRF Major Donor Level 2 attained RY15-16
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Adviser to the Board of Directors RY15-16
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Foundation Chair RY15-16
  • Invaluable assistance to the School Chairs Program
  • Dedication & Service to the Community Scouts Youth Guidance Center


  • Top 5 All Time Giving to The Rotary Foundation
  • Top 10 Contributor to The Rotary Foundation RY15-16
  • Paul Harris Society Member RY15-16
  • TRF Major Donor level 2
  • Invaluable Support to the members during the Rotary International Convention 2016

This last of the Top 5 All Time Givers has a special place in all our hearts. His zeal to serve the club tirelessly for 40 years coveted him the title oldest active rotarian. I do not know if our members or even our district officers know that this rotarian personally calls, encodes and writes letters regarding The Rotary Foundation. His office is filled with rotary files. Even during the RI Convention, an injury could not keep him away from attending in kintex.

It is hard to get a smile from this rotarian, one would have second thoughts going near him yet if we don’t hear his familiar voice during our meetings right after singing of the national anthem, it would just not be the same. I dare say 40 years of perfect attendance come hell or high water, this rotarian will never miss an activity or would make up if would miss one. A hard man to please, stern with his words yet gentle with his actions. You’ll have a hard time getting him to smile, but when he does, it’s a kodak moment!

A true Rotarian that would live up to Service Above Self literally. Fellow Rotarians, please help me recognize our most outstanding Rotarian:


  • Top 5 All Time Giving to The Rotary Foundation
  • Paul Harris Society Member RY15-16
  • TRF Major Donor Level 1
  • Dedication & Service to the District as District Rotary Foundation Chair RY15-16
  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Adviser to the Board of Directors RY15-16
  • Most Senior and Very Active Rotary Club of Cebu member
  • Most Outstanding Rotarian of the Rotary Club of Cebu

During the last DISCON & DISTAS, our district officers surprised us with a myriad of awards and recognitions and we are truly grateful for that. Our battle cry this rotary year was to be a gift to the world, not to receive gifts from the world. Save for some write ups that some editorials requested to write about us, we have always shunned the limelight. We kept our head down and kept our hands dirty. I close this rotary year knowing that the Rotary Club of Cebu is not just a club with a fat paycheck. We do NOT prefer PR or Praise Release, we are an action club, not afraid to roll up our sleeves, work up a sweat and keep our hands dirty. We face disaster with hope that in every calamity there is hope. Lip Service does not exist in this club.

One person who takes this to a whole new level though professes that he will be the most inactive member yet his actions show a different side of him. When we have guests from other countries, he manages to single handedly accommodate them at times but most of the time takes the lead. He provides a lot of the unique tokens our club has given and continues to do so. His is my robin if I were batman, actually we are more like Jekyll & Hyde! My Vice President, the guy to guy who doesnt admit he’s a go to guy. Vice President Shigejiro Onda, Thank you! You never cease to keep us on our toes!

  • Dedication & Service to the Club as Vice President RY 15-16
  • Invaluable Support during various sister club visitations and visits

Our respective families play a very important role in Serving Humanity. Sometimes, our members are not able to attend activities due to family commitment. Allow me to report that this year we have also been very productive in the go and multiply area. We literally bore 7 Babies from Rotarians! We would like to extend our congratulations to Grandfathers and father rotarians:

  1. Larry Stonebraker
  2. Joe Soberano
  3. Pete Delantar
  4. Edward Garcia
  5. Patrick Lopez
  6. Mike Torres
  7. Cheling & Javi Sala

In closing, we would like to give honor to the women and children in our lives that have motivated us to be the true rotarians we are aiming to be. Flashed on the screen are 34 new Paul Harris Fellows composed mainly of our family members. It is our way of honoring your presence in our lives and inspiring us to continue serving humanity. Please come to the stage to receive your Paul Harris Certificate:

  1. Alejandro, Ana Paz
  2. Almario, Andrea Pilar B.
  3. Almario, Lorenzo Javier B.
  4. Barnes, Daisy Lourdes
  5. Castano, Juan Carlos V.
  6. Chian, Grace R.
  7. Constantino, Hendrik K.
  8. Dakay, Rina
  9. Dakay, Pericles Jr.
  10. Delantar, Catherine
  11. Gaisano, Christine V.
  12. Garcia, Brianna Nicole T.
  13. Garcia, Nathalie T.
  14. Gesalem, Rissa G.
  15. Go, Janice C.
  16. Gonzalez, Therese B.
  17. Kintanar, Jocelyn C.
  18. Lopez, Mariestelle M.
  19. Lotzof, Jacqueline D.
  20. Martinez, Rowena J.
  21. Onda, Kumiko
  22. Ong, Annie A.
  23. Ong, Rainier Siegfried S.
  24. Ong, Robin Jr. S.
  25. Ong, Selina Rae S.
  26. Onglatco, Margarita G.
  27. Onglatco, Danessa L.
  28. Perdices, Maria Paz
  29. Panopio, Justin Gabrielle G.
  30. Panopio, Matthew B.
  31. Sala, Ma. Elvira Kaye L.
  32. Sia, Lydia I.
  33. Sia, Cressilda Y.
  34. Torres, Ana Lyn

Thank you very much and Good evening.

RY 2014 - 2015 ”Light Up Rotary”
RY 2013 - 2014 “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”

The District Governor, Edgar Chongbian is from our club. We participated actively in the Anti Dengue Summit well as in the Dengue Eradication program; Continued Permaculture an CSYGC; Participated Robin S. Ong together with Cebu Rotarions went to Bohol to deliver and distribute relief goods to earthquake victims. A double whammy! Typhoon Yolanda, (international code Haiyan) devastated Northern Cebu, Leyte, Bohol and Samar. “Following their motto of “Service above” Self”, Rotarians all over the globe joined forces and carried out one of the widest, quickest and most-organized relief operations, and the Rotary Club of Cebu was in the heart of it all. Immediately after the typhoon, a group from Club of Cebu was in the heart of it all. Immediately after the typhoon, a group from RCC headed to the Northern towns to distribute food packs and other form of relief goods.” In cooperation with other Rotary Clubs in Cebu, a flow of relief good continued for weeks and months. Relief goods were also delivered and distributed in Leyte and Bohol in coordination with Rotary clubs there. Through a District Grant, RCC restored the tuburan Public market which was badly damaged by the typhoon; In cooperation with local and foreign donors as well as a District Grant, we provided motorized finishing boats with nets to hundreds of fishermen from several coastal towns who lost their boats to the typhoon, proving the victims with a means to livelihood. RCC Rotarians dug deep into their pockets to make sure that relief goods flow. We hosted the TRF Gala Dinner in honor of PRIVP Monty Audenart. The Paypay National high School Bee contest in cooperation with DEPED. We forged a Friendship Club Agreement with RC Kasugai (Japan). We hosted a very successful DISCON 2014. Nine (9) Rotarians and wives attended the Rotary International convention in Lisbon, Portugal.

The club contributed US $ 39,069.76 to the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.

RY 2012 - 2013 “Peace Through Service”

The Rotary Club of Cebu goes International! President Jonie and some club members toured the country and region, visiting Sister and Friendship Clubs bringing felicitations from our club and inviting them to our 80th Foundation Day. We continued the Permaculture Project, HLPP, CCSGC as well as the CITE Projects; Contributed to victims of the flood in Manila through our sister club, RC Bagumbayan; Actively participated in the Zone’s Dengue Eradication Program, for the Province of Cebu; Conducted typhoon Sendong Relief Operations in Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon; Supported Cardiac Surgeries on 6 beneficiaries of our Gift of life Program; Signed MOA with the Rotary Club of Cebu Port Center for joint Community Outreach Projects: Rotary Community Corps and San Remegio Community High School Building Project; Hosted reciprocal visits from Suster and Friendship Clubs; Hosted 3 visiting GSE Teams from Sydney Australia, Central Pennsylvania-USA and Corpus Christi Texas-USA. We hosted a 3 day celebration of the club’s 80th Foundation Day with delegates from RC Singapore East, RC E-Club of Singapore, RC Brunei. RC Seven Star, RC Hongkong New Territories, RC Manila, RC Bagumbayan, RC Makati West, RC Rizal West, RC North Bay East and Cebu Rotary Clubs.

Six (6) Rotarian and wife attended the Rotary International Convention in Bangkok, Thailand.

The club contributed US $ 24,180.78

RY 2011 - 2012 “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity”

Club focus on four major projects including; Changing Lives of Street Children – Community Scouts; Changing Hope of Overage Students – Holistic Life Preparedness Program; changing opportunity for Livelihood – Permaculture; and  Saving a Life of Many- Gift of Life. A very successful concert with leading Glee Clubs of Local Universities provided funds for the successful correction of congenital heart defects of 7 children. We lost the venerable PDG Rex Reyes (1913-2011)

TRF Contributions: US $ 11,420.00

RY 2010 - 2011 “Building Communities - Bridging Confidence”

Finally, a home… the Community Scouts Youth Rehabilitation and Guidance Center (CSYGC) building was inaugurated with our benefactors – officials of the City of Cebu and Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Yotsukaido, Japan, a baby of Past President Ricky Dakay. A Perpetual Scholarship Fund was also established at the Center of Industrial Technology and Enterprise (CITE), a baby of Past President Joe Soberano. A successful Gift of Life Concert provided the club with the needed funds to establish it’s Gift of Live Project.

TRF Contribution: US $ 11,300.00

RY 2009 - 2010 “The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands”

Continuing construction of CSYGC building. The second project in the Holistic Life Preparedness Program designed to give assistance to overage students. Participated in the voice of our youth Speech competition with our participant winning at the district level. Rotary Club of Cebu achieved #1 contributor to the annual programs fund of TRF; Past President Dodong Chan honored as Outstanding Club TRF Chair. Number 1 contributor per capita from the Annual Program Fund of TRF. Four members of the club became Major Donors of TRF; Ricky Dakay, Ed Gaisano, Baba Panopio and Joe Soberano.

TRF Contributors: US $ 16,690.00

RY 2008 - 2009 ''Make Dreams Real''

“The future of Rotary is in you… Received full support from the Rotary Club of Goyang (Korea) for our Holistic Life Preparedness Program (HLPP) with a matching grant of $23,000.00. The distrcit launched the Paul Harris Society with the first four members being from Rotary Club of Cebu – Ricky dakay, Ed Gaisano, Baba Panopio and Joe Soberano. Forged a friendship pact with the Rotary club of West Suwon (Korea). Launched the Voter’s Education Animation Project and put into action a serious educational outreach to more than 2 million voters in Cebu. Received top honor at Discon; Highest per capita contribution to TRF.

TRF Contributions: US $ 3,900.00

RY 2007 - 2008 “Rotary Shares”

To underscire the importance of our 75th Year, a balik president was chosen – John Domingo. The club participated in District activities – TRF seminar with PRIP Bhichair Rottakul, mangrove planting in Liloan, book donation to Opao Elementary School. Published the coffee book edition of the Sugbuanon and distributed widely – The 75th anniversary celebration included the ground breaking and cornerstone laying of the 4-storey Community Scouts Youth Rehabilitation and Guidance Center with our sister clubs in attendance from Tawau, Kota Kinabalu, Singapore East at Brgy Vito, Minglanilla. Sister pact club with the Rotary Club of Jade Spring of Taiwan was forged. Another harvest of awards at Discon – Holistic Life Preparedness Porgram launched. Had Bohol trips with Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu and Tawau.

TRP Contributions: US $ 11,750.00

RY 2006 - 2007 “Lead the Way”

The seed of the club’s gift of life program was planted when we were challenged by officials of Gift of Life Foundation of New York, New York Rotarians and the Rotary Club of Cebu and the Rotary Club of Cebu West. The rest is history. Coinciding with our club’s anniversary, we were visited by the Rotary clubs of Tawau, Kota Kinabalu and Singapore East. A sister club pact was signed with the Rotary Club of Bangkok East – A piano concert featuring Ms. Ingrid Sala Sta. Maria as a fund raiser – Ricky Dakay and Baba Panipio attended RI Convention in Salt Lake Cuty, Utah.

TRF Contribution: US $ 6,643.00

RY 2005 - 2006 “Service above self”

Continued Vitamin A Supplementation Program. Gave cash awards and recognition to special and honor students at OPRA Elementary School. Provided vocational award for best production in upland agriculture. Hosted visit to Cebu of RI President Bill Boyd and Lady Lorna. Visited Rotary Club of Tawau and Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu. A month later josted visit to Cebu of Rotary Club of Bangkok East and signed Friendship Pact. Hosted seminar on Solid Waster Management at the University of Southern Philippines together with our Rotaract Club. Hosted Sto. Ñino Medical Mission from USA to Cebu City and Lapu-lapu City. The Discon gave us a bountiful harvest of awards.

TRF Contribution: US $12,207.76

RY 2004 - 2005 “Celebrate Rotary”

What an induction celebration! Continued Feeding program and Vitamin A Supplementation in OPRA. Conducted Medical, Optical and Dental Clinics in Candolawan Minglanilla together with Rotarians from our sister clubs – Rotary club of Tawau and Rotary Club of New Territories, Hong Kong. Participated in Zone I and district projects – book donations, voice of youth contest, and blood letting, tappig students from University of Southern Philippines. Conducted seminar on Good Governance with Responsible Citizenship. Attended Rotary Club of Makati’s 32nd Induction of Officers. A veritable harvest of awards at DISCON.

RY 2003 - 2004 “Lend a Hand”

Year started with a bang! A memorable induction ceremony. Pres. Tony initiated the wearing of suits at club meetings. Boosted club membership by and additional 11 rotarians. Continued Feeding Program and Vitamin A Supplementation at OPRA. Initiated the “Del Rio Outreach Program, engaged in tree planting, joined zone I bowling tournament – emerging as champions. Hosted ROTEX – Tabitha McMillan from Vanderbilt, Michigan. Sent a big delegation to Rotary’s Centennial – RI convention in Chicago, Illinois – Ricky Dakay, Ed Gaisano, Tony Lozada and spouse Grace, Baba Panopio and Joe Soberano. Received awards galore at Discon and was the highest district contribution to TRF with a donation of $ 17,007.76.

Hands Projects in North Vietnam for harelip operation. It also donated welding goggles to CSYGC for their livelihood projects and some basketballs, volleyball and net for physical well-being of 11 boys at it’s wards.

RY 2002 - 2003 “Sow the Seeds of Love”

Club focused in Community Service, initiating a feeding program and Vitamin A Supplementation in OPRA Elementary School. Conducted Medical Mission in Tulay, Minglanilla. Celebrated 70th Club Character University with another Medical and Dental Mission in Barangay Tap Tap participated in by our Mother Club, Rotary Club of Manila as well as sister clubs – Rotary Club of Makati, Rotary Club of Tawau, Malaysia and daughter club Rotary Club of Dumaguete participated in district projects. Hosted international Matched Club Gold tournament with 9 Rotary Clubs; 3 from Japan, 2 from cebu, Rotary Club of Makati, Rotary Club of Metro Iloilo, Rotary Club of Manila, Rotary Club of Downtown Manila.

RY 2001 - 2002 “Mankind is our Business”

Fellowship and International Service ruled the year. Had 3-day 69th Character Celebration with Sister Clubs. Rotary Club of Singapore East and Tawau, Malaysia in attendance culminationg in a medical mission to Olango Island. Hosted International Matched Club Golf tournament with Rotary Club of Itako, Japan; Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia; Rotary Club University District, Quezon City. Participated in numerous zone and District activities and sent delegates to Chiba District Conference in Narashino City, Japan.

RY 2000 - 2001 “Create Awareness, Take action”

RCC produced 10 club fellowship activities, four domestic inter-club fellowships, three Rotary Seminars, a district convention and Pets-Distas. A total of 18 community projects were materialized. The club was also able to send a delegation to the RI Convention in Argentina and sponsored six students enrolled at Don Bosco for training in woodworking, machine shop, automotive and welding programs. It garnered 15 Distinguished Service Awards and 3 District Governor’s Citation certifications.

RY 1999 - 2000 “Act with Consistency, Credibility, Continuity”

 A blood-letting program was done in Ayala Center providing 30 donors. RCC won in the gold fellowship invitational tournament and placed 6th at the inter-Rotary club bowling tournament. The club attended the Distrcit Congress in Davao and garnered awards like RI Presidential Citation and Distinguished Service Awards for Livelihood Project at Sitio Rio, Blood-Letting Program, and Fellowship Conducting, Rotary Exchange Program Assistance to Javier Sala, Sponsorship in Signage at Mangoe Avenue, Assistance at Don Bosco Words in Pasil and Participation in the 1999-2000 Presidential Citation. RCC constructed a multi-purpose building at Del Rio and some toilets at Barangays and donated colored TV to CSYGC. It hosted the Group Study Exhange (GSE) Team from washington. President Shigeru Furukawa brought gifts, sports equipment and 200,000 Yen (75,000) for CSYGC Livelihood project.

RY 1998 - 1999 “Follow Your Rotary Dream”

Aside from contributing $3,700 to the Rotary Foundation, RCC did a blood donation project at USP benefiting 30 donors. It sponsored a contestant t the Youth for Democracy Oratorical Contest and participated in Rotalympics ’98. At the DisCon, it garnered two trophies for winning the Governor’s Award of Distinction, Rotary Dream Team, and Rotary Dream Club as well as Exemplary and Meritorious Award by ADG Catalino Chan. Other awards were President James Lacey Award, outstanding Bulletin “Sugbuanon”, Most outstanding Secretary by the late Angel Ocubillo, outstanding Dream Club President by Jose gapas, and 12 Meritorious Service Project Awards. Ron Duterte donated two big basketballs and two small ones, three soccer balls and two bicycles. RCC hosted DG Takashi Watanabe of Japan in his visit. It also awarded P10,000 cash to top graduating students from maintain barangays and additional P5,000 cash to Valedictorians of Oprah and Lahug Elementary schools. It sponsored two outstanding graduates to attend the RYLA Seminar and did some arrangement to send (if they pass the entrance exam) 10 community scouts to undergo trainingat Don Bosco. Cost of tuition and all will come from the P67,000 donation from RC Yotsukaido, Japan.

RY 1997 - 1998 “Show Rotary Cares - for your community, for our world, for its people”

RCC marked 65 years in service. It had a strong representation at the Governor’s Ball, Rotalympics, Christmas Fellowship, Club assembly, camiguin Fellowship, District Congress and the Pets-Distas ’98. At the 24th District Assembly, RCC was awarded with Presidential Citation for Outstanding Club Participation in the Four Avenues of Service to show Rotary Cares. A tree planting project was materialized in carcar with Rotarians, DENR officials and 60 soldiers from VISCOM (led by Rotarian Majoy General Lito Lapus) planting propagules as early as 5 a.m. A medical mission followed where 60 adults (ages 18 to 88) and 65 children (ages from 18 months to 12) were given medications. A Polio Plus operation was done in Barrio Toong. RCC hosted the GSE Team from Nigeria and for the first time, it became a giving clubby donating $15,000 US Dollars to sister club’s (RC Singapore East) Helping

RY 1996 - 1997 “Build the Future with Action and Vision”

RCC secured donations (50,000 from Senator Arroyo and 100,000 from Manoling Morato) to support its projects. At the DisCon in leyte, it received awards like Outstanding President and Secretary, 6 Certificates of Distinction in Community Service, international Service, Vocational Service and Club Service. RC of Makati donated a 20-foot van of books for the “books across the Seas” project. At Christmas parties for the children at san Roque Parish day Care Center, SOS Village in Talamban and wards at CSYGC, RCC distributed toys, gifts, and clothes. Career talks were done at Abellana National High School. A brand new welding set and gas taks were donated by RC Takematsu for the training and livelihood workshop of CSYGC.

RY 1995 - 1996 “Act with integrity, Serve with Love, Work for Peace”

RCC secured a 200,000 Yen funding from Yosukaido-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan for CSYGC projects. RC Singapore enjoined sister clubs in Kaoshiung East, Tokyo East, Tokyo West and Osaka South West and to join support RCC’s Christmas project that resulted to a 20-foot van book donation and a $5,000 dollar monetary funding. RCC hosted 25 Rotarians and Spouses from Singapore east, 16 from Kaoshiung East, 2 from Osaka South and one from each Tokyo East and Ikebukuro West who distributed the gifts themselves to various recipients.

RY 1994 - 1995 “Be a Friend”

RCC hosted three rotary clubs for dinner and dancing at the District Congress ’95 and later joined by three additional clubs for fellowship. At Distas in General santos, the club garnered awards such as: Outstanding Bulletin “Sugbuanon”; Outstanding Club Project for establishing Four-way test Billboards and donating 20-foot van of books, toys and used clothing to the street children of Cebu; District Governor’s Citation and Most Outstanding Club President for President John Domingo; outstanding Club, Most Outstanding Club Secretary, Outstanding service Award for Manuel De veyra, Jr.; and Presidential Citation for Community Concerns. RCC had some face-lift, planting and painting on Jones Avenue.

RY 1993 - 1994 “Believe in What You Do, Do What You Believe In”

A delegation was sent to the 75th Anniversary of RC Manila. RCC participated the Distas ’94 where it received Outstanding Bulletin Award and Outstanding Service Award. CSYGC’s 23 wards were supported in terms of tuition fee funding. Books donated by RC of Ladner, canada were distributed to Cebu Christian School, Bario Luz Elementary School, Banilad Elementary School, ramon Duterte Memorial Hsand the Drug Rehabilitation Center. At the polio Plus Vaccination day, RCC was assigned to handle four health centers in Ermita, Alaska, Mambaling and Alumnos. It was mission accomplished!

Purpose building in the same barangay (in cooperation with other Rotary Clubs in cebu). It hosted a visit to RI President James Bomar, who later launched polio vaccination at the Cebu City Hospital. The club sponsored awardees for studies at Creighton University in Nebraska and International management in Glendale, Arizona.

RY 1992 - 1993 “Real Happiness is Helping Others”

A tree-planting was done in Busay while a “Street Sweepers Birgade” project cleaned up General Maxilom, Gorordo Avenue up to Ayala Business Park. Some books were donated to Hipodromo Elementary School. The club participated in Polio Plus Immunization Program. It hosted mother club RC of Manila, matched club RC of Makati, sister club RC of Singapore East, brother club RC of Camiguin and numerous daughter club in their visits.

RY 1991 - 1992 “Look Beyond Yourself”

A brotherhood club agreement with Rotary Club of Camiguin and matched club pact with Rotary Club of Makati were both formalized. With the assistance of Rotary Club of Yotsukaido, the club continued to financially support the community scouts at youth Guidance Center and Blessed Sacrament Day Care Center. Together with RC Makati, it donated a set of Encyclopedia Brittanica to Ramon Duterte Memorial High School’s library.

RY 1990 - 1991 “Honor Rotary with faith and Enthusiasm”

A brotherhood relationship with Rotary Club of Makati was formalized. RCC received the Most Outstanding Community Project award for sponsoring ERUF and continued it’s suibsidy to the Community Scouts of Youth Guidance Center and providing salary for a teacher Sta. Luisa Day Care Center. It signed a sister club agreement with the Rotary Club of Singapore east with a delegation of 12 Rotarians.

RY 1989 - 1990 “Enjoy Rotary”

Weekly meetings were interesting and attendance was good. “Sugbuanon” was declared as the Best Weekly Program format in the whole Rotary district. RCC hosted the inter-city forum, joined the Polio Plus immunization being assigned at Sambag I Health Center, and provided a handicraft livelihood for wards of CSYGC. Some Rotarians from Kinagawa and Chib, Japan were hosted during their visits at CSYGC. RCC received a plaque for Most Outstanding Service Project for Humanity in Ormoc City and another one for Polio Plus Service. It’s contribution to Rotary Foundation was recognized. A GSE team from Argentina was warmly accomodated.

RY 1988 - 1989 “Put life into Rotary - Your Life”

The club office was remodelled. Frequent mini fellowships at residences of Rotarians established cohesion. RI president Royse Abbey was honoured during his visit in time for the inter-city meeting. RCC won gold and silver medals in the long jump and was 2nd runner up in volleyball at the Rotalympics. Five scholarships were granted to students of university of the Visayas. Sta. Luisa Day care Center was renovated while a footbridge at Cambawog was completely constructed. The club also hosted GSE and the Rotary Golfing Fellowship Foundation Tournament.

RY 1987 - 1988 “Rotarians, United in Service, Dedicated to Peace”
RY 1986 - 1987 “Rotary Brings Hope”
RY 1985 - 1986 “You Are the Key”
RY 1984 - 1985 “Discover a New World of Service”
RY 1983 - 1984 “Share Rotary, Serve People”

As part of the club’s 3H Program, RCC subsidized six beds at the Cebu City Medical Center Malward and provided for a health aide to supervise, care and follow up malnourished children enrolled in the program. Some care was given to a chold at the Cebu Sunshine center fir the Rehabilitation of Mentally handicapped children. Ten students at Sudlon Agricultural School were given scholarship. Medical clinics were initiated at San Salvador, Sikatuna-Riverside, Bagumbayan Potot and Tinago and Sta. Ana Kapakulon.

RY 1982 - 1983 “Mankind is One-Build Bridges of friendship throughout the World”

An inter-club oratorical contest was held; a cultural night was celebrated at the USC Cultural Center in time for RCC’s 50th year. All past and present presidents were given medallions and chains. The 3H (Health, Hunger and Humanity) program was expanded. Sta. Luisa Day Care Center was remodelled, painted and furnished with books and supplies. Ten scholars grant were given to students at Sudlon Agricultural School.

RY 1981 - 1982 “World Understanding and peace through Rotary”

The Rotaract Club of Cebu Doctor’s College of Dentistry was charactered and later donated books to Sibunga’s countryside library. Wards at Cebu City Hospital and Cebu Velez General Hospital were subsidized while San Salvador Labangon Charity Clinic was made oparetional. Scholarships were granted to 10 students at Sudlon Agricultural School. The club also sponsored two students to join the Rotary Exhange program and accommodated two inbound students from New York and Australia.

RY 1980 - 1981 “Take Time to Serve”
RY 1979 - 1980 “Let the service light the Way”

The Rotary Club of Cebu Foundation was approved by SEC on February 8, 1980. A fund-raising activity entitled “See a movie and win a car” provide it’s seed money. The interact Club of USP – Mabini was re-activited whole Rotaract Club of Southwestern university- College of Dentistry was oraganized. RCC constructed an all-steel water tank in Bliss, Labangon and Built a multi.

RY 1978 - 1979 “Reach out”

All legal papres for the creation of Rotary Club of Cebu Foundation, Inc were prepared. Tha Juvenile Detention Home Project was created. Artesan wells were installed in a Sitio in Lahug. A beautification project of the center islands on Osmena Boulevard was done. RCC sponsored operations of hareplip patients and gave scholarship to 10 students at Sudlon Agricultural School. An inbound Rotex student was hosted while an outbound participant was sponsored by the club.

RY 1976 - 1978 “Serve to Unite Mankind”

RCC won the Best in attendance Award for Class A clubs in the district. It continued with it’s malnutrition project and provided for the cataract operation and hospitalization of Patricio Laba. It sponsored the construction of a footbridge over the creek in Alcohol Street, Zapatera and improved sanitary facilities by providing toilets (in cooperation with CIDA). It conducted an on the-spot art contest and sponsored a tennis tournament for underprivileged kids.

RY 1975 - 1976 “To dignify the Human Being”

The Rotary Nutri-Pak Processing Plant was placed on operation at Cebu Institute of Medicine-Cebu Velez General Hospital Malward. The club also materialized deworming and treatment of Vitamin A deficiency cases and distributed metal drums to various barangays. RCC initiated the Sta. Luisa Day Nursery Project where a teacher is given a stipend to give lessons to children of the poor living in North reclamation. RCC also hosted the First Rotary Olympics.

RY 1974 - 1975

In cooperation with Cebu Malwards Councils, the Rotary Nutrition Mobile Unit was placed in operation, with financial assistance from RI World Community Service, through RI District 351 (Japan).

RY 1973 - 1974

The malnutrition Program was first started and implemented.

RY 1970 - 1972

RCC membership enjoyed a steady growth until it reached a record of 105 Rotarians during terms of Silvio Santos and Claro Cinco.

October 31, 1961

RCC sponsored the organization of Rotary Club of Cebu West. In the 60’s, RCC had projects as donation of traffic signs, establishments of Cebu Boys Town, waiting sheds, welcome arch, mobile medical clinic, donations of books to needy schools, medical indigency program, scholarships and support to scouts.

RY 1951

The Rotary Club of Cebu attended the RI convention in Atlantic City headed by the first district-governor nominee Tingting Faelnar.

RY 1947
RCC sponsored the organization of the Rotary Club of Tacloban.
September 1945

“Back to Rotary” movement. Rotary club of Cebu was revived after the dark days of the Japanese Occupation in 1941.

RY 1939

RCC sponsored the organization of Rotary Club of Dumaguete.

October 8, 1932

RCC was organized under the sponsorship of Rotary Club of Manila

Past Presidents

A gallery of names and pictures of men at the helm of the Rotary Club of Cebu since its founding in reverse chronological order.

Edward Gaisano

Immediate Past President

Past District Governors

Members of the Rotary Club of Cebu who went on to become district governors.

Edgar R. Chiongbian

2013 – 2014

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