In September, 2018, Filipina actress and singer Nadine Lustre officially became the Ambassadress for Gift of Life. This simple but meaningful act sent waves of excitement to her large fan base. The social media pages lit up as hundreds of encouraging messages were posted. Many felt moved donate from their own pockets to help the program that helps children born with congenital heart defect get their life saving operations. All it took was a spark to fan the flames of interest. One of those who felt compelled to do more than just share the news or like a page was Veron Miranda from Laguna Province in Manila. Together with Marilen Ramos, Minnie delos Santos, as well as a group who called themselves Windy City Bumpkins, and 7 others who wished to remain anonymous; bound together by their admiration for Nadine Lustre pooled their resources to raise funds supporting her advocacy. All it took was a spark to fan the flames of action. Instead of heading to an orphanage or conducting a feeding program to celebrate Nadine’s upcoming birthday, they decided to step up and take on a much bigger role. They reached out to the Rotary Club of Cebu and expressed their willingness to adopt a child and sponsor an operation needed to save the child’s life! All it took was a spark to set the wheels in motion. After reviewing our long list of infants in need of help, we found Charlie Gabato, who happened to share the same birthday as Nadine’s partner, James Reid. Born in May 11, 2016, Charlie suffers from TGA – transposition of the great artery which will require multiple operations to correct the anomaly. Rather than just wiring the funds Cebu, Veron Miranda felt compelled to fly here for a chance to meet Charlie and his parents. To put a face to a child whose life hangs in a balance. To give encouragement and comfort to his parents who have very little in this world and still face the fear of losing their most precious possession. The Gabatos live in Sitio Mahayahay in Apas, Lahug. Accompanied by Lady Grace, Veron disembarked from the vehicle and bravely endured a humid 10-minute hike uphill meager but nonetheless they warmly welcomed Veron into their midst. She had the chance to speak to the young parents and hear of their challenges. Even Charlie had the chance to meet and be held in the arms of Veron. If anything else, this visit underscored the impact of how the kindness and generosity of a few, can go a very long way when they are bound as one. All it took was a spark to give hope. Later that day, Veron was invited to the club’s weekly luncheon meeting and a formal turnover of the donation was received by President Stephen Chian. After the meeting, Veron enjoyed a quick tour of the city and not long after the setting sun, she boarded her flight to head back home. And though her visit was short, Veron and the rest of her caring friends have planted a seed that will bear fruit in the months and hopefully years to come. For the Gabito family can now make plans to leave for the Philippine Heart Center in November for his first of 3 complex operations, and ensure a long future for this young heart warrior. All it took was a spark to make dreams happen. Nadine Lustre’s voice has made a difference in the lives of many people. From Charlie who suffered from CHD and to people like Veron and her friends who just made a difference in the lives of one family. It started with a spark, one of which we hope will be followed by many. A spark that will spread the flames of hope to many children with CHD. May this story encourage many to be that spark, to be an inspiration and a source of hope