This GG Project was undertaken under the term of PP Bing Martinez.  It was observed that the provincial government’s blood collection program was handicapped by lack of transportation and loss of opportunity to effectively conduct offsite blood collection.  Oftentimes, the medical personnel were forced to take public transportation while their equipment was transported in another vehicle due to lack of space.  As a result, the area of coverage in their effort to conduct blood collection is limited.

Rotary Club of Cebu proposed to Rotary Club of Daegu-Taebaek, who agreed to jointly undertake this project. This global grant was approved in early 2017 and was primarily funded by Rotary Club of Daegu-Taebaek in the amount of US$43,444.

Rotary Club of Cebu then proceeded to purchase a brand new van and conduct modifications so that the van can transport medical equipment and supplies such as extraction equipment, collapsible bed frames, desks, and chairs, as well as mattresses, coolers, fans, sound system, and related items.  More importantly, it also included space for transport of medical personnel who conduct offsite blood extractions.

The main objectives of this project are to increase the frequency and range of collection, testing and delivery of clean blood products in Cebu province.  With large markings visible in the van, we also increase public awareness of the need to donate blood regularly.

The main beneficiaries are the public hospital system, and the private hospital system.  However, the ultimate beneficiaries are the people of Cebu, who suffer from the lack of readily available blood and blood by-products that are properly extracted and tested.

This project was completed in May 2018.