Having helped rebuild the Paypay National High School after the effects of typhoon Yolanda, RCC has taken additional steps to equip the school in order to meet the challenges students face in the real world. These include a new library and books, a WASH project, a Voc-Tech classrooms and programs in Beauty & Healthcare, Electrical and Computer Animation. Since 2017, students from their Grade 12 animation class have travelled to Cebu to undertake their month-long OJT program in different companies owned by club members. Working in groups of 7, these students undertake 160 hours of training in 3D architectural visualization and animation work. Upon completion, they head back to Daan Bantayan while another batch comes in and begin their training again. This year, the OJT program went up a notch as students from the electrical vocation class began their OJT program at one of the country’s largest and most modern cold storage plant, also owned by another RCC member. Plans are already in the works to provide the Beauty & Healthcare vocation students an opportunity to undertake their OJT program in one of Cebu’s leading chain of salons. These program have great promise because it helps students plan for their future with a vocation of their choosing. But like many school-based career programs, it requires the support and cooperation of companies. We are fortunate that we have members who are willing to open their doors. Just as we are as fortunate to have this opportunity to help. In a way, the destruction of the school from typhoon Yolanda, though unfortunate, had led to many good things in Paypay National High School. The saying from Carl Bard aptly describes this: “Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” Many thanks to the following firms for supporting the PNHS OJT program, Auksilio, Tallant Asia, VOX Spark Visual, Inc., Big Blue Logistics Corp., IPP Stephen Chian who graciously offered a place for their accommodation, and the many others who have helped in ways to make their stay in Cebu a comfortable and memorable one.