Rotary Club of Cebu, D3860 EndPolio Perimeter Cycling Cebu 2019




1. Polio in the Philippines & Rotary International


September 29, 1979 was Rotary International and the World Health Organization together with the Philippines Ministry of Health’s first crack at eliminating Polio Worldwide with then RI President James Bomar Jr., putting the first drops of the polio vaccine into a filipino child’s mouth. RI and the Philippine Government signed a 5-year joint effort to immunize around 6 Million Filipino children against polio at a cost of about US$ 760,000.00. This also ceremonially launched the Philippine’s and the World’s Polio Immunization Efforts with the goal to rid the world of Polio.


1993 was the last reported case of Polio here in the Philippines and by the year 2000, the Philippines was declared Polio Free. Since then Rotarians and Filipinos have continued to rally behind eventually ending polio worldwide through the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, a public-private partnership led by national governments in partnership with the Rotary International, World Health Organization, US Center for Disease Control & Prevention, UNICEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Just 10 days short of celebrating 40 years of eradicating Polio in the Philippines and almost a month short of celebrating 19 years of Polio Free Philippines, the Department of Health reported the first case of polio from a 3 year old girl in Lanao del Sur.


Recent reports have shown that the Philippines has seen a decline of immunization. In 2018 only 66% of children completed their Oral Polio Vaccine (Drops) doses and 45% received Inactivated Polio Vaccine (injection) doses. We need to vaccinate at least 95% of children under 5 years old regardless of their current vaccination status to stop the spread of the Polio Virus in the Philippines.


2. The Rotary Club of Cebu


The Rotary Club of Cebu is an 87 year old Rotary Club chartered last November 28, 1932. Our sole purpose is to serve humanity. We humbly pride ourselves in starting and sustaining projects that have relevant impact on society like our 32 year old project called the Community Scouts Youth and Guidance Center. This Center is for youths in conflict with the law that have produced alumni who are now assets to society.


Another major project we have embarked ten years ago is the ‘Gift of Life Program’ where we give children with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) from indigent families a second lease in life by funding their heart operations. This project has since evolved into a Vocational Training Team Mission where we, together with the Gift of Life International and other rotary clubs have treated over 150 children.

Other projects include Construction of a PNP-SWAT Building, Dengue Eradication Efforts, School Chairs Program, Paypay National High School Rehabilitation, Blood Collection Mobile Van Donation, the Don Bosco School-Liloan Upgrade, and School-in-a-Bag Program and others.


The Club currently has over 60 members with an average age of 53 years old and is representing over 29 different and very diverse classifications. We believe we are a good cohesive group that can be open to each other’s ideals with the common goal to serve humanity and Connect the World through our various service projects.


3. EndPolio Cebu Perimeter Cycling 2019


On November 22 – 24, 2019, the Rotary Club of Cebu is organizing a group of cyclists that shall embark on a 550 Kilometer Perimeter Ride Around Cebu Island in the hopes of Creating Awareness and Stop the Spread of the Polio Virus, a deadly yet very preventable disease.


This First Ever Cycling Perimeter Ride in the Philippines is done to symbolically protect the entire island of Cebu against this dreaded disease and shall be participated by Rotarians and Non-Rotarians in the hope to increase vaccination Rate to 95% by raising funds to support Rotary International’s End Polio Program.


This Perimeter Ride was inspired by Ride To End Polio in Tucson, Arizona USA where 30 years ago, they started a Perimeter Ride around Tucson to symbolically shield the city from the Polio virus. Today, every 3rd weekend of November, Ride To End Polio organized by the Rotary District 5500 is a sub event to El Tour de Tucson, their longest ride is 101 miles (160 kilometers). EndPolio Ride Cebu this year also falls on the same time El Tour de Tucson is happening.


We dare to say, to our knowledge, EndPolio Cebu Perimeter Cycling 2019 is the second Polio related perimeter ride in the world covering the whole circumference of of a specified location, Cebu Island, 550 Kilometers over 3 days and the only event conducting mass vaccination days while riding where the cyclists stop and assist in the vaccination in 3 towns around Cebu Island and multiple other towns to be spearheaded by other rotary and non-rotary clubs in other parts of the island.


4. Objectives / Mission


a. Awareness

To be able to proactively increase awareness to the general public before, during and after this Bike Ride as the vaccination rate now if very low at less than

50%. We are at one with the Department of Health for a 95% vaccination rate for 5 years old and below.


b. Fund Raising

To be able to raise 2,000,000.00 pesos. 100% of these funds will be used only for the eradication of Polio not just in the Philippines but also the world.


c. Mass Vaccination

To be able to conduct mass vaccination during the duration of the ride with the goal of maximum vaccination with children 5 years old and below initially for the towns: Oslob, Tabuelan, Tabogon, Balamban and Toledo.


5. Pledge Mechanics


As a way of making this Perimeter Ride more meaningful and worthwhile, we are also campaigning for individuals and organizations to pledge a variable amount of money and challenge the riders’ efforts to ensure that they complete the committed 550 kilometers in 3 days. All the proceeds of this pledge shall be directed for the eventual elimination of Polio countrywide and worldwide. There’s 3 kinds of Pledging methodology that are usually used in advocacy project like these:


         a.Direct Lump Sum Donation – Donor directly commit to a specified amount and send the deposit to Rotary Club of Cebu – End Polio Funds


         b. Lump Sum Pledge – Pledgee commits a specified amount and upon completion of the Perimeter Cycling Challenge, the pledgee then converts this as a donation to the Rotary Club of Cebu – End Polio Funds


          c.Pledge per Kilometer – Pledgee commits a specific amount per kilometer completed multiplied by the number of riders that completed it. Of course, since this is a challenge, only riders that finish the 550 Kilometers will


6. Mass Immunization Days


  1. Mass Immunizations shall be conducted mid ride between 9:00AM to 10:30AM at the following locations:
            i.Day 1 – Oslob
            ii.Day 2 – Tabuelan
            iii.Day 3 – Tabogon
            iv.Day 3 – Multiple
                   1.Bogo – Spearheaded by Pres. Kendrick Sulay of RC Cebu Fuente
                   2.Balamban – Spearheaded by Pres. Mike Torres of RC Cebu


WE encourage other Rotary Clubs and other civic clubs to use this Ride as their own pledging system so that they can also conduct their own mass vaccination campaigns and raise funds for the End Polio Program of their respective clubs.


7. The Committed EndPolio 550 Km. Cyclists (as of October 18, 2019)


The volunteer cyclists that have agreed to the challenge of this Perimeter Cycling comes from a very diverse pool of professionals and businesses successful in their own

fields. They have all come together with one sole purpose: to be ambassadors to End Polio in the Philippines once more and hopefully the whole world.


Their preparation for this daunting event is unparalleled as majority of these cyclists have never done this distance and endurance. They are all motivated knowing that the effects of this Perimeter Cycling will positively impact the lives and the future of the filipino children.


There are NO professional cyclists and each and every cyclist registered has put in the risk and their own time, talent and resources to End Polio through this Perimeter Cycling Event. We expect to limit the number of riders to 40, representing 40 years of trying to end polio in the Philippines and the world.


8. Cooperation


This endeavor and its hopeful success would not have come to fruition if not for the support (as of this writing) of the following:

  1. Province of Cebu
  2. City of Cebu
  3. City of Bogo
  4. Department of Health
  5. Municipality of Oslob
  6. Municipality of Tabuelan
  7. Municipality of Tabogon
  8. Municipality of Balamban
  9. Rotary International
  10. Rotary District 3860
  11. Rotary District 5500
  12. Rotary Club of Cebu