The school-in-a-Bag program supports public school teachers in their daily activities and is particularly relevant in the far reaches of Cebu where internet and even electricity is unavailable. This US$49,000 GG project was funded by Districts 3700 and 3860, and RC Daegu-Taebaek and was approved in early 2018. Its beneficiaries included over 5,200 students and over 120 teachers in 18 public schools located in the far islands of northern Cebu. The SIAB projects provide a computer software program that helps K-10 teachers manage lesson plans, provide on-site printed student worksheets and handouts, and expose students to computer based learning. The equipment includes a laptop computer, five computer tablets, a printer, solar panel with battery pack, cell phone and hotspot equipment, and a separate computer monitor. baseline 2018 testing and subsequent yearend testing will determine the public schools increase in academic standards. Finally, about 54 teachers will be trained on the system and will echo their training to other teachers in their respective schools.