Have you ever looked up and marveled at clear blue skies or the golden rays of a setting sun? Have you ever stood atop a mountain at night mesmerized by the brightly lit city beneath your feet? How blessed we are to have the ability to see so distinctly. Yet there are many who have lost their vision to cataract and for them, the beauty of this world is but a memory. But crueler than the affliction itself is the inability for some, to afford the operation needed to correct it. For them, it was a given that whatever difficulties they had today was only going to get worse tomorrow, ending only with the complete loss of vision. It was their fate that propelled Dir. George Chan of RCC, an Ophthalmologist, to propose a cataract surgical mission in the city of Toledo in Cebu. Not only that, but he also formed the surgical team with Doctors Antonio and Gaye Yapha and nurses to conduct a day long assessment of patients, then returning a week later to undertake the surgeries. The team operated on 23 Cataract and 19 Pterygium patients and was ably supported by other RCC members headed by Pres. Stephen Chian, Dir. Shige Onda, PN Edward Gaisano and Dir. David Barnes. For many of us, that day may have just been like any other weekend. But for 42 people, as well as the lives of their loved ones and family, it was a day their vision returned and life played out before them in full color and clarity. One patient even expressed her utmost gratitude for that day happened to be her birthday! Surely this simple and selfless act of kindness has created an endless ripple of blessing in the lives of many.